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Fine Cherry Robusta, (Anaerobic)

"It's got whisky mixed in it right?!" Was one reaction.

Actually the alcohol taste results from fermentation of the coffee fruit in oxygen-free vats.

While other coffees can be ready for sale after 1-2 weeks , this coffee takes about 1 month before being bagged ready to ship!

Let's explain "Anaerobic Processed Coffee"


The cherries are typically placed in sealed containers or tanks where fermentation occurs in an oxygen-free environment. This controlled fermentation process can lead to unique flavors and aromatic profiles in the coffee beans, often resulting in a more complex and nuanced cup of coffee compared to traditional processing methods.

Specialty coffee producers experiment with various factors such as fermentation duration, temperature, and different types of containers to create specific flavor profiles, enhancing the quality and diversity of the final product. This results in a distinctive and exceptional coffee experience.

With this Robusta Fine, there are 2 stages of fermentation to get the desired cup flavour.

Even more unusual, is using this process with 100% Robusta Beans

Here's a little chart from our Processor to explain.

There's only 50kg remaining of this Specialty Coffee, so get your order in for this very unique and exotic bean.

Procured only in 1 farm in mid-highlands of Vietnam.

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