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Quick + Easy Vietnamese Coffee

On the go? Or Hiking a trail?

Vietnamese Coffee beans are famous for their high caffeine levels, up to 60% more than regular Arabica beans.

So it is the best choice for a natural energy drink.

Of course you are rightly snobby over your coffee and want it freshly made using fresh beans.

But you don't want have to mess around or have to carry anything heavy.

So we very happy that these new style drip filters are a goer!

Tested by us, we can say that they are both easy to use and will give you an authentic Vietnamese drip-style taste.

The difference with this drip style over the traditional drip style, is that you only have one item, not many pieces like the traditional. Also it is very light.

It's use of a fine espresso grind rather than the coarse grind enables a quicker and simple extraction.

  • Simply grind your beans finely as if for Espresso machine use, or select 'fine grind' on checkout if you want pre-ground

  • Then scoop 22g or 5 heaped teaspoons into the filter

  • Pour a little boiling water and let bubble for 30 secs, then fill filter up.

  • It should take ~ 4mins to drip out and around 60ml coffee output.

  • Cleanup is as simple as knocking out the grinds and rinsing or wiping filter.

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