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New Perth to Vietnam Flights 2023

WA has been waiting for a long time for direct flights to Vietnam, now they're here !

Vietjet has announced the launch of its first-ever direct flights from Perth to Ho Chi Minh City and with Vietnam airlines set to follow.

The new route starts flights  November 21, 2023, with  initial frequency of two return flights per week. Flights depart at Perth International Airport from 23:20 then landing at Saigon/HCMC at 05:05 (local time) every Tuesday, and Saturday.

Return flights depart from Ho Chi Minh City at 13:35 (local time) and land in Perth at 21:20 (local time) every Tuesday and Saturday.

Perth to Vietnam flights 2023
Viet Jet Airlines

FOB will keep adding more info to our blogs as we find out more.

Rumour mill has it that Hanoi flights will be coming soon too.

Saigon or Hanoi is where you should start for your shopping and meals, and then explore the real Vietnam out of the city.

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