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Why Vietnamese Coffee?

  • Vietnam coffee is DELICIOUS!

 with its own unique taste - A Blend will have Notes of : ALMOND, MOCHA + CHOCOLATE with SUPER HIGH CAFFEINE

  • The Vietnamese Coffee Industry NEEDS ASSISTANCE from outside Vietnam.                                                                                                                 More developed countries like Brazil, receive government assistance and training, however, our small group of independent farmers have to do everything themselves.

From battling the elements, to finding international buyers.

 FOB Coffee are proud to support the “little guy” 


Did You Know?

Vietnam is the 2nd largest producer of Coffee in the World !

ITS a ROBUSTA Blend, Not 100% Arabica

Traditional Italian Espressos always contain some Robusta Beans.

Sadly The latest trend is to leave out this important ingredient, but its essential for milk based drinks.

Robusta has a thick crema and gives it a certain “kick"



You can use a standard coffee machine, however, traditionally, you can just use a simple cheap drip filter.

Perfect for Very Strong Coffee lovers, Coffee Desserts and Iced Coffee

VIETNAMESE Coffee is very LOW ACID, High Caffeine, with a caramel mocha taste.

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