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about F.O.B

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AT FIRST when we tried Vietnamese coffee, (Caphe Sua Da), we were confused. “This doesnt taste like a LATTE!"

That's because it wasnt.. It was our introduction to a whole new style.

The longer we lived there, the more flavours, and exotic fruits, and yes, coffee, we would be introduced to.

No, this isnt Brazillian.     This is Vietnamese coffee.

Yes we have a very unique product that is just coming into popularity in the Western World. 

Like wines, cheeses + whiskies, every country has a different taste, even coffee.

Along with wonderful Vietnamese Food, you just cannot ignore their coffee, which hits you like a humid day in Saigon!

Haven’t tried it yet?

100 million Vietnamese cant be wrong!



When someone newly arrives from a foreign country, they are sometimes termed-

"Fresh Off the Boat"

This was no more fitting than with the Vietnamese refugees who started arriving after 1975 to early 80s, as they literally did arrive on rickety boats.

1982 East meets West

Snuggled aboard in her Mum's arms, during a nightime escape in 1982, was a 3 month old little girl- "Lien".


How happy I am that she survived the dangerous journey and became my wife 23 years later!

Later we decided to go back to Vietnam, where we have stayed for 10 years.


It was here that we were introduced to the many wonderful people and flavours of Vietnam.

During our long stay we saw the coffee industry continue growing and improving to the point where we knew it was time to introduce to Australia

Secondly, we enjoy the idea of helping a KInd, hardworking people to grow and develop, which means a brighter future for their otherwise meager economy.

Simply our Goal is to provide An excellent, unique product, while supporting good people

After 8 years of research, Many coffees, many expos and and many people later, we decided that its time to Set Sail

We are happy to introduce F.O.B Coffee to Western Australia, our home state.

Amazing Beans, Grown in Vietnam, Roasted by Us, and enjoyed by You

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