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All About Our Roaster

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Quite literally it came fresh off the boat 4 months ago! Can we just take a second to admire this beauty!🤩


  • Gas and Electric CHECK

  • Made in Vietnam CHECK

  • Italian Burner CHECK

  • Japanese Switchboard CHECK

  • Brass Cooling Tray CHECK

  • Computer Profiling CHECK

  • Flashy Gold Bits DOUBLE!! TRIPLE!! CHECK

Before welcoming our baby into the FOB Coffee fam, our coffee used to roasted and packed in Vietnam.

However, we decided that we wanted to take full control over the quality of our coffee.

This is when we thought It'd be a great idea to become the first Vietnamese coffee roasters in WA!

This OPP roaster was manufactured in Vietnam specifically to accomodate our needs and just fyi, it's pretty awesome! The roaster roasts up to 3kg per batch. This small quantity allows us to carefully monitor each batch during the whole roasting process. mmm...the smell of roasted coffee 🤠

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