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250g FOB Traditional Espresso

The Classic Taste of Old Skool Italian Coffee, combined with the unique flavour of Vietnamese beans.  


Vietnamese Robusta Beans excel with this type of Coffee. BOLD and ++ Caffeine.

I dont dare give my wife anything else in the mornings...

Espresso Italian style, Med/Dark Roast, as enjoyed by Italians since the 1750s.


Thanks to the great influx of Italians immigrants into Australia after the 1950s, we have been introduced to the Bold Mocha Espresso taste, compromising of a rich Arabica/Robusta mix. 

This is the taste I grew up with, and the style that perfectly suits milk-based drinks.


A great every day drinker with a higher than average caffeine content.

Low Acid, Easy on the stomach


  • Origin: Lam Dong Vietnam
  • Roast: Medium/Dark
  • Suggested for: Stove Top Perculators and Espresso Machines
  • Taste Notes:  Smooth Mocha taste. Notes of Almond and Caramel

250g FOB Traditional Espresso

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