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500g Fine Cherry Robusta

We are the First WA Importers of this Amazing New Coffee

Coffee Liquor?

Coffee Wine?

Cuban Cigars?

Ripe Dates?

Just what are the tasting notes of this very exotic Coffee Bean.

We invite you to taste for yourself.


We asked Will Nguyen the processor for more info as to why this bean is so unique:


"What makes our Robusta coffee so special is the careful harvest and processing methods that would typically only be seen with very high-quality Arabica coffees"


500g Fine Cherry Robusta

  • Milk-Based drinks really shine when matched with the caramel after-taste of Dark Robusta.

    However, due to this coffee's complexity, we will roast lighter and let you decide if you want milk or sugar.


    • Try Drinking Black Iced with a little sugar
    • Make with your Espresso machine or pour-over technique
    • If you still desire milk creaminess, try just adding a little at a time, so as not to drown out its finer fruit qualities


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