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NEW SEASON 21/22 coffee arrived in PERTH

Despite logistical problems and bean shortages ...OUR BEANS MADE IT TO PERTH,

Yes, thats right, there is a worldwide coffee shortage due to crop natural disasters in Brazil. So we just managed to get the last premium Vietnamese beans.

It was close, but we couldn't let our Viet coffee lovers down.

Thankfully we have some excellent people who look after us and put aside beans for us ready for our order.

Early signs look great, very even, quality looking beans.

Weve done a roast and first tasting was excellent. Now we will wait for a few days and put it through our testing methods.

What will they taste like through a home coffee machine like most of our customers use? Lighter or Darker roast? That's of vital importance to you and us.

Well, keep you roasted, er, I mean posted.

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