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$10 Bowl of Pho! CAFE 228- SOUTH ST FREO

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Yep, Im always after a good price, especially if I eat there daily.

While I understand that costs are high in Perth, I also know that the cost of ingredients for this dish are minimal.

So, I never pay more than $14 for a bowl of Pho...

Thankfully I found 2 Vietnamese places selling $10 bowls near Fremantle...

First of all Jenni at Deli 228


The stock is clear and authentic, not too sweet, like some places are.

I would rate her 2 restaurants (the other near the airport) in the top 10 places for this dish in Perth.

Her Banh Mi is also recommended, and Ive seen other Viets buying up from here, which is a good sign.

Just make sure that they remember to heat the rolls up before eating, for extra crunch. Depending on who makes it, depends on how good the banh mi’s are.

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